OX6:6.22 Packaging Changes

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Packaging changes in Open-Xchange Server v6.22

This page describes changes to our configuration directory layout. This is important if you have custom plugins for your Open-Xchange Server systems which you are maintaining and packaging yourself as RPM or Debian packages.

If Open-Xchange has built and is maintaining custom packages for you, please check with your contact person at Open-Xchange when updated packages will be available.

Configuration file location

In v6.22 we simplified the directory tree containing all configuration files to not longer include the subdirectories admindaemon, common and groupware.

If one of your custom packages contains a configuration file which needs to be read in by Open-Xchange Server, you need to install this file now in the new location. This is typically the case for UI plugins which add some server configuration. In v6.20 and earlier, these plugins used to put their configuration files below:


Now these files need to be put in:


If you are accessing configuration files from your own Java code by absolute path, you are of course free to move these files to our new directory layout or just leave them where they are.

Theme packages

In v6.20 and earlier, custom themes were registered in the file


by adding a line following this format:

modules/themes/customtheme=Custom Theme

In v6.22 and later, every theme installs its own configuration file:


The format of the this file is unchanged, so it would still contain the one line documented above.

If you have made changes to the file themes.properties in 6.20.7 or earlier, the changed file will be moved to the new location and you configuration will continue to work.