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Providing autoconfiguration for mail clients

This article explains a solution for autoconfiguration for a set of mail clients which can be configured against a mail system automatically by just entering email address and password. There are three widely used approaches to do this via a self hosted lookup method, based on Microsoft's autodiscover, Mozilla's autoconfig, and iOS/MacOS provisioning which are relevant to support detecting IMAP and SMTP server details for client configuration. Another option is solely based on DNS SRV discovery (RFC 6186).

Autodiscover and autoconfig are based on XML schemas. Therefore for very simple deployments it might even be enough to serve some static XML files for both usecases. Please see the respective vendor standard documentation for more details.

In this article we show how to deploy a simple autoconfiguration service based on the open source solution automx.


The autoconfiguration protocols use several ways to find the XML provided later by automx. In the following section there is listed in which order the protocols are looking for the XML. Depending where you would like to serve the XML files you can choose from those options.

The domain as in those examples are the ones taken from the entered email address.




  3. DNS SRV lookup for


A DNS SRV entry for autodiscover would look like this:

 _autodiscover._tcp                      IN      SRV 0 0 443 $

The following DNS SRV records can be used to provide configuration hints for mail clients supporting RFC 6186:

 _submission._tcp     SRV 0 1 587
 _imap._tcp           SRV 2 1 143
 _imaps._tcp          SRV 1 1 993
 _pop3._tcp           SRV 4 1 110
 _pop3s._tcp          SRV 3 1 995



Please note, the current versions of automx2 do neither support DAV nor the OX service extensions for autodiscover. It currently only supports IMAP and SMTP services.

For manual installation please refer to the automx download instructions.

RPM packages for SUSE and RHEL flavours are provided by the Open Build Service. Those packages are currently version 0.10.2 with the above patches applied and are working with Python 2.



Please find detailed documentation via man automx.conf and for more dynamic setups automx_script, automx_ldap and automx_sql.


provider =
domains =,
debug = no
logfile = /var/log/automx/automx.log

# Protect against DoS
memcache =
memcache_ttl = 600
client_error_limit = 20
rate_limit_exception_networks =, ::1/128

# The DEFAULT section is always merged into each other section. Each section
# can overwrite settings done here.
account_type = email
account_name = example Mail
account_name_short = example Mail

# If a domain is listed in the automx section, it may have its own section. If
# none is found here, the global section is used.
backend = static
action = settings

# EAS (mobilesync)
server_url =
server_name = example

# If you want to sign mobileconfig profiles, enable these options. Make sure
# that your webserver has proper privileges to read the key. The cert file
# must contain the server certificate and all intermediate certificates. You
# can simply concatenate these certificates.
#sign_mobileconfig = yes
#sign_cert = /path/to/cert
#sign_key = /path/to/key

smtp = yes
smtp_server =
smtp_port = 587
smtp_encryption = starttls
smtp_auth = plaintext
smtp_auth_identity = %s
smtp_refresh_ttl = 6
smtp_default = yes

imap = yes
imap_server =
imap_port = 993
imap_encryption = ssl
imap_auth = plaintext
imap_auth_identity = %s
imap_refresh_ttl = 6
pop = yes
pop_server =
pop_port = 995
pop_encryption = ssl
pop_auth = plaintext
pop_auth_identity = %s
pop_refresh_ttl = 6

carddav = yes
carddav_server =
carddav_auth_identity = %s

caldav = yes
caldav_server =
caldav_auth_identity = %s

ox = yes
ox_server =
ox_auth_identity = %s

follow = imap_starttls

backend = static_append

imap = yes
imap_server =
imap_port = 143
imap_encryption = starttls
imap_auth = plaintext
imap_auth_identity = %s
imap_refresh_ttl = 6


e.g. /etc/{apache2,httpd}/conf.d/automx.conf:

<IfModule mod_wsgi.c>
    WSGIChunkedRequest On

    WSGIScriptAliasMatch \
      (?i)^/.+/(autodiscover|config-v1.1).xml \

    WSGIScriptAlias \
      /mobileconfig \

    <Directory "/usr/lib/automx">
            Require all granted

In case the iOS/MacOS web provisioning should be provided there should also be a /etc/{apache2,httpd}/conf.d/automx-web.conf:

Alias /automx "/usr/share/automx/"

<Directory "/usr/share/automx">
    Options Indexes MultiViews
    Require all granted

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