6.22 AdminConf Changes

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Administration daemon configuration changes for 6.22

Changed location

All configuration files of the administration daemon are not located anymore in the directory /opt/open-xchange/etc/admindaemon/. The files are moved to the directory /opt/open-xchange/etc/ and they share the location with the groupware configuration files. This is because the administration daemon is not separate process anymore.

Dropped configuration files

A lot of configuration files needed to be duplicated for the separate administration daemon process. Therefore the following configuration files have been dropped. Now the groupware version of those configuration files will be used for provisioning related tasks, too. This are the dropped duplicated configuration files:

  • cache.ccf
  • configdb.properties
  • file-logging.properties
  • management.properties
  • ox-admin-scriptconf.sh
  • system.properties

The following configuration files are dropped because they are not necessary anymore:

  • plugin/open-xchange-admin-soap.properties This file configured the RMI connection from the SOAP servlets to the administration daemon process. This connection is now done through OSGi service calls.

Renamed configuration files

The following configuration files needed to be renamed to prevent clashes with configuration files of the former groupware process:

  • User.properties was renamed to AdminUser.properties.
  • RMI.properties was renamed to rmi.properties. Additionally the properties in the configuration file are completely renamed due to a refactoring of the whole RMI interface.

Changed configuration properties

Furthermore some configuration properties have been dropped because they are not useful anymore. Other properties moved to different configuration files to make the overall configuration more clear for administrators.


Mostly path related configuration properties have been dropped here. The configuration files behind these paths are now loaded from the default configuration directory by using their file name:


Two properties have been dropped:

  • SERVER_NAME is configured through a property in system.properties configuration file.
  • TOOL_STORAGE can not be changed and has been dropped.

The property BIND_ADDRESS was moved to rmi.properties configuration file.


Two properties have been dropped from this configuration file that are related to creating the user for Open-Xchange in the underlying linux system, too:



The path related configuration properties have been dropped here:


Not changed configuration files

See below the list of not changed administration daemon configuration files:

  • Group.properties
  • ModuleAccessDefinitions.properties
  • mpasswd
  • Resource.properties
  • plugin/autocid.properties
  • plugin/hosting.properties
  • plugin/reseller.properties