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DocumentConverter Quickinstall Guide / Cheatsheet


This document aims to be a condensed "HOWTO" like installation walkthrough.

The other relevant documentation is to be considered as a reference.

This document describes the fully clustered setup. Simpler setups can be deduced as special case.

This document has been created and verified on CentOS7 and OX App Suite 7.8.4.

Design description

We consider a clustered setup with multiple middleware nodes and multiple converter nodes.

Software installation and configuration

Middleware nodes

Packages to be installed:

open-xchange-documentconverter-api open-xchange-documentconverter-client


# assume a global switch on for testing. further config cascade stuff etc is out of scope
# of this document.
# this needs to be adjusted. will be discussed below.

Frontend nodes


Converter nodes

Packages to be installed:

open-xchange-documentconverter-server open-xchange-documentconverter-api readerengine

(Note: the official documentation also mentions "pdf2svg" which at least on CentOS7 does not exist, but rather a package named "readerengine-pdf2svg" is pulled as dependency. So for the moment let's assume we don't need to install that explicitly, but if you are following this guide on Debian you should double-check.)


# Pick a unique route, which will be configured consistently in apache
# Clustered setups need to listen not only on localhost
# TODO figure out the recommended Cache setup for a clustered scenario
com.openexchange.documentconverter.RemoteCacheUrls = ?
# Default is 3. Adjust for your sizing.

Services configuration:

systemctl start open-xchange-documentconverter-server
systemctl enable open-xchange-documentconverter-server

Configure the middleware to converter connectivity

So that was the trivial part. Now it gets interesting.

First test: direct connectivity

Pick a middleware node. Configure direct connection to one converter service:

# curl http://ccdc1:8008/documentconverterws/
<head><meta charset="UTF-8"><title>Open-Xchange DC</title></head>
<body><h1 align="center">OX Software GmbH DC</h1>
<p>WebService is running...</p>
<p>Error Code: 0</p>
<p>API: v5</p></body>

That's how it should look like. HTTP status code 200 (not shown for clarity, but you can verify with curl -v, "WebService is running...", "Error Code: 0".