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OX PowerDNS Cloud Control

OX PowerDNS Cloud Control is a cloud-native solution for OX PowerDNS and enables cloud-native deployments. It provides native Kubernetes-support and Helm charts for easy deployment and lifecycle management. Cloud Control provides a highly scalable and distributed implementation of DNS, while simplifying deployment and scaling by the operations teams. Customers benefit from more efficient resource usage and a cost-effective way of scaling DNS installations for future needs.

Main features of OX PowerDNS Cloud Control 1.0 include:

  • Cloud-native deployment and orchestration for large-scale OX PowerDNS deployments
  • Deployment of OX PowerDNS Recursor and DNSdist on a Kubernetes cluster
  • Includes the official images needed for OX PowerDNS Recursor and DNSdist to set up a complete recursive DNS ecosystem in a telecom provider’s network
  • Automated deployment and lifecycle management with Helm charts

A more detailed overview of the main functions and technical descriptions of OX PowerDNS Cloud Control can be found at the Product Guide under: https://www.open-xchange.com/fileadmin/user_upload/Product_Guide_OXPDNS_Cloud_Control_1_0.pdf"

General Information – Please Note

OX PowerDNS Cloud Control 1.0 is the initial version of cloud-native OX PowerDNS, aimed at supporting operators in their move to cloud-native services. This version is functionally complete and suitable for integration testing. It allows network operators to identify and test their individual requirements for a cloud-native DNS deployment. It facilitates orchestration, management and monitoring of OX PowerDNS products in Kubernetes deployments. OX PowerDNS products supported in this version are:

  • OX PowerDNS Recursor - A high-performing, low latency DNS resolver
  • OX PowerDNS DNSdist - A DNS, DoS and abuse-aware loadbalancer

Available Images, Packages and Versions

OX PowerDNS Cloud Control 1.0 provides the following images:

  • Cloudcontrol-dnsdist-state
  • Cloudcontrol-dnsdist-rpc-server
  • Cloudcontrol-dnsdist-agent
  • pdns-recursor
  • DNSdist

OX PowerDNS Cloud Control 1.0 provides the following Helmcharts:

  • cloudcontrol/helm-cc-powerdns

See: https://software.open-xchange.com/products/powerdns/doc/cc/1.0.0/CloudControlVersions.pdf

Installation & Configuration


It is required to have the following software pre-installed on you machine from which you want to deploy CloudControl:

Access to the OX Registry

OX PowerDNS Cloud Conrol will be provided via the Open-Xchange image registry. The versions of the OX PowerDNS Cloud Control images from this registry are described in CloudControlVersions.pdf. To get access and further information, please contact your Open-Xchange contact.

Installation and Getting Started

For a Cloud Control overview and a guide to get started see CloudControlOverview.pdf

OX PowerDNS Cloud Control Helm Reference can be found in CloudControlReference.pdf

Instructions for setting up monitoring can be found in monitoring.pdf