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Open-Xchange Server 6 Requirements - Open-Xchange supported components overview

The following table provides an overview about the supported components of Open-Xchange Server 6. This overview makes no claim to be complete.

OX App Suite overview tables about the supported components are available at OX App Suite Requirements - Open-Xchange supported components overview

Information about Maintenance expiries of components, versions and browser support, can be found at Maintenance Expires Table

Installation-, Hardware-, Software-Requirements

Please note: Installation and administration of the Open-Xchange Server Edition requires basic knowledge of E-Mail systems under Linux, Apache and MySQL as well as experience in the command line administration of Linux systems.

Open-Xchange Server Edition:

  • Memory 8 GB - 12 GB
    Please Note: If you want to install OX in a VM memory needs to be allocated exclusively to that installation (and not shared with other VM's). This also applies to the database and other related systems or componenets.
  • Disk 500 MB plus User Data
  • Supported IMAP Server: Dovecot (Recommended), Cyrus and Courier (To some extent, may mot support all features)

Desktop Browser (Minimum display resolution: 1024 x 768)

Browser OX 6 User Front-End
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8/9/10 v6.22.13
Mozilla Firefox (latest & previous version) v6.22.13
Google Chrome (latest & previous version) v6.22.13
Apple Safari (latest version & previous version. Mac OS X only) v6.22.13

Calendar/Contact synchronization Apple Mac OS X

Requirement Calendar synchronization with CalDAV Contacts synchronization with CardDAV
Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) Check.gif Check.gif
macOS 10.12, 10.13 (Sierra & High Sierra) Check.gif Check.gif

Calendar/Contact synchronization Apple iOS

Requirement Calendar synchronization with CalDAV Contacts synchronization with CardDAV
Apple iOS 10 / iOS 11 / iOS 12 Check.gif Check.gif

Mobility Solution - Supported- Platforms, Features and Devices

Feature/Technology/Device OXtender for Business Mobility (availalble for App Suite, OXHE, OXSE)
Exchange Active Sync 2.5 Check.gif
Exchange Active Sync 12.1 Check.gif
Access and creation of emails Check.gif
Personal PIM folder Check.gif
Public and Shared PIM folder Cross.gif
Global address book Check.gif
Push E-Mail Check.gif
Windows Phone 8 (latest & previous minor versions), Windows Phone 10 (latest & previous minor versions) Check.gif
Apple iOS 10 / iOS 11 / iOS 12 Check.gif
Android 4.1 or later Check.gif

Server Platforms

Platforms Supported Java Versions Supported Database
Suse Linux Enterprise Server 12 OpenJDK 7 MariaDB 10.0
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 OpenJDK 7 MySQL 5.1
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 OpenJDK 8 MariaDB 5.5
Debian 8 (Jessie) OpenJDK 7 MySQL 5.5, MariaDB 10.1
CentOS 6 OpenJDK 7 MySQL 5.1
CentOS 7 OpenJDK 8 MariaDB 5.5
Univention Corporate Server 4 OpenJDK 7 MySQL 5.5

Please Note: To gain higher availability a setup based on Percona XtraDB Cluster is supported like described in this article: Galera database setup. Open-Xchange supports the "Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.5" flavor of the Galera database and starting with OX 7.8.0 also version 5.6.x.