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GUI Translation

This page describes the steps required to translate the AJAX GUI into a new language.

File format

The translations use portable object (PO) files from GNU gettext as file

Pootle account

First, you need to get a Pootle account. Pootle is a web-based translation tool i. e., you do not need to download files and install translation tools. You can translate directly in Pootle.

  • Enter in a browser.
  • Click the Register button
  • Enter your details
  • Enter the Pootle activation code sent by E-Mail or click on the link provided in the registration E-Mail.

Contact us via the forum. We then will give you the respective permissions in order to allow you to edit the files.

Translating in Pootle

  • Under Projects click on Open-Xchange
  • Click on your language
  • If your language is not visible yet, please contact us via the forum
  • To make an entry click on Edit
  • When having finished click on Submit

When having clicked the Submit button a field for the next entry opens. You can also skip entries by clicking the respective button.

The entry field can be adjusted to your needs.

When you are done with your translations please contact us and request for committing your changes into our repositories. It is not possible anymore to provide commit permissions due to Git repositories and complex committing mechanisms.

Test your translations

To test your translations for the backend, just download the backend.po file and place it in the directory /opt/open-xchange/i18n on a backend installation. Take care to rename the file according to the language your are translating, meaning to extend the filename with two letter language and country codes. If you installed language packages on your backend installation, you can see a lot of examples for filenames in the directory /opt/open-xchange/i18n.

To test your translations for the frontend, we are working on a plugin to inject the PO files into the App Suite frontend.